VIDEO: Panos, a BMX & the old and new

Panagiotis Manaras shows you riding in traditional city of Athens is just as much fun as experiencing the modern attractions of Dubai.

Panagiotis ‘Panos’ Manaras describes himself as a simple man, crazy enough to do some of the most extreme moves on his BMX, and these Red Bull Content videos prove the American-born Greek is true to his word.

With a deep-rooted love for riding his BMX regardless of the terrain, the Greek athlete spends much of his time travelling around Europe and has tested his mettle in Germany, Italy, Austria and Estonia. If you want to see Panos’s phenomenal style in action, you can usually find him at contests such as the Simple Session, Ghetto Games, the BMX World Championships and BMX Masters.

These videos show him returning to his roots and exploring one of the oldest metropoles in the world, Athens, and then he can be seen enjoying the challenges of one of the world’s newest cities, Dubai.